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Welcome to the home page of the RJM Classic Motorcycles website.

Bonneville Americano, to go

Bonneville Americano, to go.

This arguably better than new restoration of a late T140 which was in a very tired condition when it first arrived was completed in late 2016. Completed under our Pay-As-You-Go scheme, it perfectly illustrates the extremes of flexibility of the scheme. For discerning owners looking for a state of the art restoration with modest monthly funding available a project of this kind can be completed as this one was, over a ten year period.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged view.

One more back on the road.

One more back on the road.

Full restoration is not necessarily always the answer. Pictured here with proud owner Steve in front and me behind is his beautiful 1961 Matchless G12. We were privileged to be tasked with partial and sympathetic restoration under our Pay-As-You-Go scheme over the course of about a year. Selective restoration of this kind can represent a considerable saving and has the additional advantage of retaining original features as well as some patina. It can return a much-loved machine whose looks and performance are beginning to fade to one in the rudest of health and appearance. I am grateful to Steve for his patience, enthusiasm and kind words.

Click on the graphic for an enlarged view.

What RJM Classic Motorcycles does.

There once was an ugly duckling, well an ugly Bombay duck actually . . .

There once was an ugly duckling, well an ugly Bombay duck actually.

Pictured here and published within weeks of completion in April 2012 a previously wrecked and left for dead 1997 Indian-built standard 500, with the help of, and for the use of son Rowan, now working full time at Ram Yard, just as soon as he passes his test. Our take on the Bullet Cafe Racer. With more than a bit of inspiration and vital parts from national Royal Enfield specialist Hitchcock's Motorcycles. Rowan and I are amused to claim it as the best motorcycle Royal Enfield never built.

Now watch the videos: The rebuilt Bullet idling and the first run on the road

As further examples of what RJM Classic Motorcycles does, here are some pairs of "before and after" photos of bikes that have been through the restoration process:

  Before . . . . . . After  
Spectacular in its decrepitude Triumph T120 Bonneville

Now watch the video.

Makes the final product seem all the more impressive

A rare opportunity for a professional workshop to restore this 1965 Crusader sport 1965 Crusader sport.

Now watch the first video
And the second
And the final road test before handover.

I am grateful to the owner for allowing me to restore this example to the highest standard

After several lifetimes of faithful service . . . A Matchless G12 twin.

Now watch the video.
And a slideshow of restoration scenes.

. . . and after it sounds and rides as good as it looks

The Yanks all but killed this 6T and then it came home . . . A Triumph 6T twin. . . . And then I made it better, better than it had ever been, probably

Our A65 as purchased in 2004: note the appalling quality of the then state-of-the-art Sony digital camera Our current BSA A65 twin.

Now watch the video.

Three years later with a taller son and better digital camera

It was a long time ago but this one still gives me nightmares. You touched it, it fell apart. You touched it, it fell apart. You touched it  . . . A post-war Royal Enfield twin. In the end we made more than a little use of Madras tin-ware for the rebuild of this 1954 Royal Enfield Super Meteor

My original A65 before I got at it . . . My original BSA A65 twin. . . . and after I got at it, moved house twice, got married once, and then finished it

Put the cursor over the thumbnail for a description, click on the thumbnail to view the full-size picture

For more examples of restoration projects in "after" condition, please visit the Gallery

Podcast: Our latest project is now available to listen to. Click the button above, and join us as we discuss all matters relating to the world of classic motorcycling.

Running classics on unleaded fuel: I thought everyone was up to speed on this subject and so I did not carry the notes forward from the old version of this web site, so here it is for anybody who is still in doubt. Running classics on unleaded fuel

Follow this link to the safety bulletin: Urgent safety briefing for all owners of classic motorcycles with fibreglass fuel tanks or steel tanks containing sealant.

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What RJM Classic Motorcycles does
About the website
Navigating the website

About the website

The priority for 2007/08 has been to finally find the time and expertise to bring our web site into the current century and I am indebted to my good friend Will Curry as my archivist and now webmaster for his efforts.

The new site should come come as a pleasant surprise to past visitors who would have found what the police might have described as an apparently abandoned vehicle, over the last ten years or so.

Whilst the new site is to some extent a work in progress, the aim is to introduce new material and items of current interest in order to make it worth while for surfers to pop back from time to time, to see what's new. I would also welcome constructive suggestions via email to

My favourite feature with this new site is that all photographs in future will be click to enlarge, not just the gallery, so you can get a good look at and download anything of interest.

I am pleased now to report on the results of our 2006/07 priority, which was to finally find the time and finance to put a big twin back on the road for my personal use and, more importantly get some serious use out of it. Whilst the primary objective was fun, the more serious side was to re-acquaint myself with the process of living with a newly restored machine for the first few thousand miles, first hand, in order to be able to better serve and advise clients with their machines. Please go to the Life with an A65 page for all the details and photographs so far.

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What RJM Classic Motorcycles does
About the website
Navigating the website

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What RJM Classic Motorcycles does
About the website
Navigating the website

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