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The gallery of some of RJM Classic Motorcycles past restorations.

Put the cursor over the thumbnail for a description, click on the thumbnail to view the full-size picture

A real gentleman's motorcycle - a late Ariel Square 4 destined for Australia Last of the line T100 Daytona, so original you can smell the factory gates. This one is believed to be one of the last 100 or so built What must be the ultimate this 1969 Triumph T120 Bonnie
A nice pair of Rickmans, the twin was restored by RJM a couple of years ago; the triple has been serviced and continually upgraded by RJM over a number of years To this sporty Matchless G12 which was an unusual project in so far as it was one of the few restorables that was completely unmolested and still in original factory finish If this was what it appears to be it would be one of a very few indeed. A10 Spitfire Scrambler, replica of course
The RJM Team Sara production class racing stable of the 1990's, a chilli hot Daytona and a positivley jalapeno Starfire Surely the cutest of Royal Enfield's 1/4 litre offerings - the Crusader Sport Desirable A65 clubman duo, one original and one a replica, but which is which?
A pair of the smartest, most capable and hard working BSA twins I currently know of: A 1960 Road Rocket and a 1967 Lightning A 1970 Lightning I restored and owned for a while together with a 500cc Royal Star of the same vintage A B50GS, a beast by any measure but worthy of the name Gold Star? Possibly not
A pair of 1966 Triumph twins I recently had the privilege of restoring, in the back a fairly original T120, in front a very sharp and upgraded export Thunderbird My personal BSA stable: 1970 Starfire,  1967 Lightning Not too many mechanics find themselves working on 2 genuine Rocket Goldies and 2 genuine Lightning Clubmans at the same time, so I couldn't resist a pose
One of a number of Bathtubs I have restored over the years a Triumph 21. Note the 18 inch wheels and the T110 paint scheme We have restored numerous AMC's of all brand name persuasions now.from this not very esteemed but handsome and practical late AJS model 16MS (some times unkindly known as the 'pee pot points' model) Triumphs of all ages obviously feature very heavily like this pre-unit T100, again with some subtle improvements

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