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The RJM Classic Motorcycles Service Department

You could be forgiven for thinking that with my modest labour rates, repairing classic motorcycles is inexpensive but, for the most part you would be wrong.

You might also imagine that having been in the industry as long as I have, that I have seen it all, and can give you a price down to the last shilling of every repair that comes my way. Again, for the most part you would be wrong.

Old motorcycles like old cars and old buildings can throw up all manner of unforeseen and expensive, unpleasant surprises. It often takes a lot of hours to unravel and reverse years of neglect, abuse and dubious improvements.

What I have striven for and believe I have achieved over the last 20 years other than to make a modest full time living is to create a centre for excellence for the care of British Motorcycles with a cost and budgeting structure PAY AS YOU GO that makes first class durable repairs available to everybody.

Visitors to " THE SHOP" will be reassured to find clean secure and highly organised modern workshop and storage facilities. Owned freehold rather than rented, the Ram Yard operation represents a personal investment of over a quarter of a million pounds and fully demonstrates my commitment to high standards and dependability.

Visitors will also be reassured to find a busy workshop, regularly taking in new work, with systems in place to be able to FAST TRACK or proceed as funds permit, as required. I run a no-nonsense bullshit-free service and take great delight in telling owners, if the news is not as bad as they had feared, working on the principle, if it ain't broke why fix it. Or if the news is a little grim devising an action plan to deal with the important issues as a priority to get them back in the saddle.

The tidy end of the workshop, the two longer stay ramps with an ex bath tub 5TA well into the restoration process, an A65 in the early stages and a Rocket Goldie on the floor awaiting a service.   The relatively new storage facility in Unit 4

I have managed over time to eventually eliminate all of the distractions from my core business such as mail order spares, buying and selling of machines and the drudge of the autojumble merry go round, which helped to get us going in the early days in sole favour of restoration, repairs and servicing of exclusively British Classic Motorcycles.

BSA and Triumphs of all ages and capacities form a big part of my work load with most of the other brands represented in some measure, although I can claim never to have worked on Vincent or Velocette motorcycles. I would however claim to probably know more about BSA A65 and B25 than any mechanic still working. No surprise then that I personally own and regularly ride a particularly fine example of both. I will also tell if there is a specialist repairer who may be better equipped than me to repair your particular machine and recommend you at least make contact with them before you decide where to place the work.

My well documented A65 again, note the timing cover gives the motor away as being several years later than the chassis. The hump back dual seat was later changed for a flat top for better pillion comfort   A few of the constant flow of motor rebuilds A triumph 650, 750 and a BSA A65T

The short order ramp, the Square Four close to completion   A new arrival, A G12 Matchless that has seen better days and will again soon. Last used in 1978

Above all I believe most people will tell you that I am user-friendly and approachable, and always willing to share a tip that might just help you to solve the problem at home. If you want to tell me about your bike, I would say ring me rather than e-mail as I tend to talk faster than I can type, but if you do want to make initial contact by e-mail that will be fine too.

Me and that A65 on the short order ramp

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