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RJM Classic Motorcycles Pay-As-You-Go restoration.

High quality, durable restoration, or major repairs for classic motorcycles is not an inexpensive activity and it is an activity notoriously difficult to put a price on.

Pay-As-You-Go is an affordable answer we didn't just dream up yesterday.

Its tried.   Its tested.   It works.

Its key feature is safeguarding against run-away bills and nasty surprises and provides restorations and major repairs completed to your time scale and budget.

Pay-As-you-Go is a zero deposit solution we have been operating and refining for over a decade and which is more relevant now than at any other time.

The essentials of the system are that work is completed in more-or-less £500.00 increments at which point a stage payment becomes due. At the same time details of the work completed to date are reported verbally as well as an outline of proposed operations for the next session. Your agreement will be required before proceeding further followed shortly thereafter by your payment on account. In practice the credit limit, for the want of a better term, may well be extended by mutual consent as the relationship develops.

The pivotal issue is that in effect, the contract, again for the want of a better term, is renewed at each stage. In simple terms, If at any point there is a change of heart or circumstances, or indeed, you decide I have made as much progress with the project as you need me to, you are welcome to settle your account and take the bike home with my blessing. In these circumstances I am always more than willing to give advice by phone to clients wishing to finish projects off at home. I am also more than happy for the bike to return to the shop if you hit a sticky patch.

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